My Recently Visited Services

Services that provide access to University systems and applications.

Software services offered to the University's employees.

Computing services offered to the University's employees.

Services that provide internet and wireless access to the University

Website systems used to manage our main external and internal websites

Cybersecurity services for assessing, documenting and securing existing or new systems.

Cybersecurity awareness and training services provided to University employees.

Cybersecurity evaluation services for cloud applications

Service that provides a Capilano University identifying card. Used for door access, Library services.

Service that allows students, employees and visitors to print. Based on the PaperCut software.

Printing, scanning and faxing services.

Procurement and support of mobile applications.

Website publishing services provided to University departments.

Videoconferencing service

Videoconferencing service used by employees and students.

Voice communication service provided through our telephony system.

Intranet service providing information to our employees.

Email system provided by Microsoft.

Digital signage systems used to distribute information to our digital displays throughout the campus.

Digital media repository system provided by MediaValet

Fixed and mobile phone services provided to University employees.

Communication and collaboration platform provided by Microsoft.

The service that provides our front facing campus directory

Video platform used for instruction.