My Recently Visited Services

Support and administration for the student MyCap schedule system

Service used to manage and maintain student and employee information. Banner

Library catalogs used for student and faculty research.

Support and administration for the systems that allow students and employees to access course application, registration and wait listing and a multitude of employee informaiton

Voice communication service provided through our telephony system.

Procurement and support of mobile applications.

Service used by Foundation and Alumni office to connect with alumni, manage donors and fundraising

Podium and classroom technologies user orientation

Printing, scanning and faxing services.

Support and administration of the employee recruitment system

Services that provide access to University systems and applications.

Support and administration of the electronic document management sytem

Support for the Blueshore Financial Theatre ticketing and administration systems and software

Support provided for our Bookstore systems

Support for the systems that host the co-curricular records, career hub and tourism coop

Computing services offered to the University's employees.

Service that allows students and applicants tools to apply for student housing through a web portal. Provides core staff administrative functions like room assignment, billing, reporting.

Communication and collaboration platform provided by Microsoft.

Administration and support for the faculty workload system (Famis)

Email system provided by Microsoft.

Software services offered to the University's employees.

Digital media repository system provided by MediaValet

Rendering servers used by animations students and faculty.

Remote access and VPN services provided by the University.

Provide IT assistance to the University community