Popular Services

Computing services offered to the University's employees.

To provision access for new employees, non-employees (e.g. contractor), and additional access for existing employees.

Provide IT assistance to the University community

IT Project Management services provide leadership and structure in the development of a project requiring IT resources.

Provide computing and AV resources on a short term basis

This form is only used by the Human Resources department to submit a request for deprovisioning employee account access

Software services offered to the University's employees.

Services that provide access to University systems and applications.

eLearn is Capilano University's online learning environment, utilizing the Moodle learning management system both for online courses and to supplement face-to-face courses.

Provide support outside regular operating hours with prior approval.

Support and administration for the systems that allow students and employees to access course application, registration and wait listing and a multitude of employee informaiton

Files storage services provided to University departments.

Cybersecurity services for assessing, documenting and securing existing or new systems.

Website systems used to manage our main external and internal websites

Services that provide internet and wireless access to the University

Support and administration of the employee recruitment system

Support for the systems that host the co-curricular records, career hub and tourism coop

Provide assistance with IT equipment relocation.

Servers provisioned for classroom related tasks.

Podium and classroom technologies user orientation

Rendering servers used by animations students and faculty.

Digital media repository system provided by MediaValet

Service that provides a Capilano University identifying card. Used for door access, Library services.

Videoconferencing service

Support and administration for the student MyCap schedule system