IT Project Request

We are currently in the process of updating our project request process. A new system will be made available this summer. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need any information, please contact

What is the purpose?

IT Project Management services provide leadership and structure in the development of a project requiring IT resources.  A project lead/ manager works closely with the project requester to ensure project requirements are met. They also collaborate with the other university departments who may be involved in the project, to ensure there is a cohesion of shared goals and outcomes. Other aspects of Project Management services include the development of project and communication plans, providing budget management, ensuring deliverables meet project timelines, and tracking risks and issues.

How do I start an IT project?

Anyone can initiate a project by submitting the Project Request Form according to the Request Service process.  All projects must be approved by the VP of your department. Depending on the size of the project, it may also require the approval of the Technology Steering Committee (the President, the Vice Presidents, the Chief Information Officer, and the Director of IT Strategic Projects).

What are steps for the Project Request?

Step 1 – Click on the blue Request Service button
Step 2 – Fill out the Project Request form and click Request
Step 3 – Your request will be sent to your Administrator (VP) for approval
Step 4 – If your Administrator approves your request, it will be sent to the Technology Steering Committee for review
Step 5 – You will receive a response within 60 days after Technology Steering Committee receives the request (you will be notified if your request was approved or not)



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