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Services or Offerings?
Customer relationship management services that are used for student recruitment

Service used to manage and maintain student and employee information. Banner

Service that allows students and applicants tools to apply for student housing through a web portal. Provides core staff administrative functions like room assignment, billing, reporting.

Rendering servers used by animations students and faculty.

Service used to record students names that are used in the graduation ceremony.

Support and administration for the student MyCap schedule system

Library catalogs used for student and faculty research.

Videoconferencing service used by employees and students.

Support and administration for the systems that allow students and employees to access course application, registration and wait listing and a multitude of employee informaiton

Service that allows students, employees and visitors to print. Based on the PaperCut software.

Services that provide internet and wireless access to the University

eLearn is Capilano University's online learning environment, utilizing the Moodle learning management system both for online courses and to supplement face-to-face courses.

Service that provides a Capilano University identifying card. Used for door access, Library services.

Email system provided by Microsoft.

Videoconferencing service